ExtenSive (Taped-Ins)

ExtenSive System

Our Taped-Ins are designed to create length, volume and color effects while looking completely natural and just in a matter of minutes.

Our Thermo-Adhesive Weft strips have a base of Keratin (Protein) Powder that makes our ExtenSives last longer than any other Taped-In system. They cause “NO TENSION” and they lay completely flat on the head.

The System is guaranteed by the quality of the hair 100% Human Remy and worked in the SHE Laboratories by experts Craftmen Settorei.

Our strips are 4 cm (1.6″ inches) wide and are available in two different lengths 18″ and 22″ inches.

ExtenSive Extensions are available in 4 piece packs, giving you the option to blend more colors.

They are reusable.


ExtenSive System

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