Hair Care

Hair Care is very important specially when it comes to hair Extensions.
Proper hair care with hair care products guarantee a long-lived look and healthy hair.


4U Shampoo

Thanks to silk proteins, the Super Moisturizing Shampoo For You cleanses the hair softly leaving the keratin structure unaltered, making them more docile to the comb.

It gives body and volume to the extension without weight, giving it an all-natural appearance.

Available Sizes 250ml and 1000ml (1lt)


4U Maschera

The Nutrient Mask is a unique and effective system that restores the natural balance to stretched hair after each application.

The formula is enriched by silk proteins, soothes and prevents skin irritations while maintaining the natural balance of the hair while protecting it from external agents and daily stress.

Available sizes 250ml and 1000ml (1lt)

4U Silk Protein

For You Silk Protein is a specific product to give the hair a silky effect without weighing them by making them docile to the comb and brilliant.

Available Size 60ml

4U Spray

Innovative treatment designed for hair extension.

The Restructuring Spray For You is able to make the hair extraordinary shiny and silky by freeing it from any nod and frizzy effect, covering your hair with a protective shield that provides effective protection against sun damage.

Available Size 125ml


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